Quality Photography Enhances Web Design

High Quality Image Photography

It doesn’t matter how good your web design is, if you include poor quality images then your site will look poor.

High quality photography is a prerequisite of all the best looking websites so to think you can cut corners, save money and skimp on what is a critical essential is a shortcut to building a website that will never get your message across.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and this has never been more true than online. Website photography enhances your design & if you use poor quality images you will harm your visitor engagement.

It isn’t just which images you use, but how you edit, crop and compress them to make them web friendly photographs that will make the difference to your sites performance. Ask about¬†Deeho website Search Engine Optimisation and make the most of your web presence online.

With a good photograph you can explain, entice, tease, demonstrate, increase desire, tempt and cajole your readers into making that all important purchase. Good photos are all part and parcel of your SEO campaign. SEO³ Optimization Agency will optimise your images for Google search.


Graphics are an important part of the web design process but it’s important not to let the styling take over from the purpose of the site which is to sell goods and services for the business owner.

If a designer gets carried away, it can soon have a detrimental affect on the usability of the website. User engagement is a critical component of every website. CRWD build affordable websites that work.

Imagery is vital to a good site. Too much text is off putting for most people, but in much the same way, an excess of images that get in the way of the text can be just as irritating for users.

The key is to find a balance of great photographs, beautifully laid out and presented and supplemented with text as required.

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